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renamemydonkey in leadership_08

Born Into Brothels

I actually saw this movie a while ago, but we talked about it a bit today at school and Jackson said that it'd be perfect for an ecojournal. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a documentary about a woman, Zana Briski, who is a photographer that ends up teaching a class about photography for the children who live in the red light district. Originally she was in Calcutta for her own work, taking pictures of these childrens' mothers. The mothers of these children are prostitutes, and for many of the young girls, that was to be their future as well. However, she started getting to know their children better and they seemed to have an interest in what she was doing so she bought 20 cameras and started teaching them the basics of photography.

I think it was great because through photography these children were able to express themselves and look at their environment in a different way. I was also pretty impressed because they are actually quite talented. With these photographs, Zana made them available to the whole world and wanted to sell them in order to raise money for the children's educations. It was difficult for her to find boarding schools that would take some of the children because their mother's were prostitutes, but she was able to find a place for everyone. Although, a few of the children still were not able to stay in school for personal reasons or their guardian's reasons.

It was really heartbreaking to see a snapshot of the different things these children had to face in their everyday life. It makes me feel stupid anytime I complain about the things that happen in my life, because I realize how fortunate each of us is, despite all of the things we go through. If Zana had not been a part of their lives, many would not even have had a chance to have an education and a better life.

What Zana has done is phenomenal because she had given these children hope and something they can truly feel proud of. She has brought awareness to the innocent children who need help. She even started a foundation called Kids With Cameras to continue to help the children in Born Into Brothels. Other photographers are also getting out there to teach more children about photography.

I highly reccomend seeing the film. I own the DVD myself, and there's a bit of a lineup of people who wish to borrow it, but if you'd like to borrow it, just let me know. Even if you'd like to rent it, it's worth it. Born Into Brothels won an Academy Award (Oscar) for best documentary as well!


Some links you may want to check out:

Below are a few of my favourite pictures by the kids =)


I LOVE the second picture!

This movie totally rocked! I think I'll make an ec0 on this and post it here!