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kram_k in leadership_08

Flight 93

A couple nights ago I was watching a video on A&E named Flight 93 and boy, did it hit home!
Losing my uncle on a terrorist attack was pretty hard. I didn't really tell anyone because this was the first actual loss I had experienced. I wasn't all that close to him becuase he did live in the states and I hardly ever got to see him. We talked on the phone atleast once a month which was pretty cool...

I never really thought about anything other than losing my uncle and how I felt. But watching the movie made me stop and think. There were a few parts in the movie where I almost lost it and cried.
Flight 93 was a show pieced together from events that actually took place on September 11, 2001. Two planes hit the trade towers, one plane hit the pentagon and one plane... hit an open field. Becuase of the courage and responsibilty of many of the Flight 93 passengers, hundreds of other lives were saved.

I never really thought too much of terrorism until September 11. That's when I really discovered the power of it all. It just disturbs me to know that it was "God's Will"
In my opinion, God is pure and sacred, why would the Lord want to kill of people?

Dictionary.com defines Terrorism as The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons

Change is inevitable and so is Terrorism

I mean, if you think about all the people who died. If you think about all the kids who lost a parent or even both. If you think about the husbands who lost wives and vice versa. If you think about men who left thier unborn babies. If you think about the futures left behind and grieving mothers, fathers, spouses, siblings, cousins, etc. If you think about all of this, you'll realize how lucky you are...

USA was hit, but who's next you say? Well I predict that Canada is going to see a major blow to it's economy, social activities and to it's people. September 11 was a major milestone, but what's scary is Canada is soon going to recieve it's own date and milestone. Yikes!

I just don't understand why people would want to pursue something like Terrorism! It's scary, it hurts and nothing good is gained. Honestly, I don't see what was gained from the attacks on the towers. Satisfation may have been possibly been gained, but is being be staisfied worth killing hundreds of hundreds people?

It's just so stupid that it pisses me off!
Just thinkng about everything and everyone and espicially the little kids, just kills me...


I'm sorry about your uncle Kevin :( I've only lost one person in my family last year so I know how the first one is like.

I don't think you know this yet, as I only learned about it during the time we were having our final exams. Mr. Jackson showed me a newspaper article that states that there is clear evidence that the 9/11 attack was a premeditated attack put in place by Bush and/or the people that work behind him. It made me so furious and I couldn't believe it. I asked Mageau if she knew about this and she was like "Oh yeah, everyone knows that." but I think I made a face and she quickly said, "Oh, apparently not." She told me that if you look at the structure of the world trade center, and the way it was built, there would be no way that the plane could cause the entire building to collapse as it did. It's believed that explosives were placed inside the building prior to the plane crashes.

You're probably asking "Why? Why in hell would he kill his own people!?". I watched a really good documentary called The World According to Bush on The Passionate Eye (will burn it on a disc to bring to class). Aside from revealing loads of information that shows how screwed up he and his people are, it explained the plausible reason behind this conspiracy. When Bush became president (in a VERY controversial election) he didn't do much as a president. People didn't quite care for him as a president either once he became one. Then he and his people became aware of the potential market for oil on the other side of the world. I'm assuming he needed a reason to invade those countries, but they knew that the citizens would not support war without reason. By having 9/11 occur, it fakely showed the world that Bush was capable to take action to support his people and that they must retaliate against "the enemy". They created a fear of terrorism and convinced the people that as long as they were in power, the people would be safe. So now, after 9/11, many people start believing that war is the answer and accept and support Bush's war. All the while, as we see now, it is ALL about the oil.

This is one of the reasons I wonder if the recent so called "terrorists" that tried to carry liquid explosives over to the US were planning on attacking Bush...and if they were I would have wished that they would have accomplished their goal.

To think that all terrorists are unethical and just killing machines I think is wrong. Yes, there are many that have death of the innocent a prime target, but there are those who are defined as terrorists who are simply trying to create a revolution for the people. Remember the movie V for Vendetta? V is clarified as a terrorist, but what his prime goal was, was to create a revolution and unite the people to take a stand against their government who has controlled every aspect of their lives. This government was also killing the innocent and others as well.

I just think that the whole issue of Terrorism is another mechanism that governments use to instill fear in their people. Once their people have fear, they become dependant and give more power to these people. Using the media and propaganda, we are constantly drilled with this issue.