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renamemydonkey in leadership_08


I watched the documentary about Hiroshima on The Passionate Eye just now. I remember learning about this in I think grade 3 or 4, but at the time it didn't really strike me exactly how serious and devastating the effects of the atomic bomb was. It was heartbreaking to understand and hear the survivors tell their stories of the day the bomb was dropped. All the while I could only shake my head and question why the hell we would do this to one another. The scientists who created this bomb knew that the effects would be really bad, yet they were curious as to how drastic the effects would be. The soldiers who carried out the mission, I don't think they could be blamed a hundred percent because they didn't even know what nuclear meant, or what atomic meant. They just had to carry out orders. After Japan surrendered, they showed videos of everyone celebrating in the streets of America, and then they would cut back to Hiroshima where the entire city was in ruin and scorched corpses laid everywhere. One story that made tears well up in my eyes, was when the mother of two young girls had to leave her six year old trapped under the fallen debris. As hard as she tried to free her little girl who cried out in pain she couldn't do it and the fire was spreading. She and her husband just stayed outside of their house and had to listen to their daughter plea for their help and comfort, then die. I couldn't even imagine being put in a situation like that. The black rain that fell from the sky was also something I had not remembered learning about before. It was created from all of the smoke and ash that the explosion had created. The survivors needed water, and desperately drank the black rain that fell from the sky, but they did not know that it was very highly radioactive.

Was a nuclear bomb really THAT necessary? At the end, a survivor argues that his people could not even afford to eat rice everyday, so how would they be of a great threat to the Americans? An American argues that it was the Japan's own fault for not surrendering when the Americans asked them to before any of the bombings. I agree that maybe the Japanese should have agreed to surrender much earlier before all of these lives would be changed forever, but at the same time, I don't know if the nuclear bomb killing the countless number of civilians really justifies anything. The survivor tells us that the Americans just wanted a way to test out their new radioactive weapon and that they wanted to see for themselves what the effects of the radioactivity would do to humans. I think that this is true and I totally understand why Jackson said "Kill all scientists".

To date, no other nuclear bomb has been used. Never less, I know that all around the world the most powerful countries have devastating weapons of mass destruction that most likely surpasses the consequences of Hiroshima. There's enough weapons out there to wipe out the entire world. It's a very scary thought and I really don't know what the future holds. It's just wrong to me how countries will spend billions upon billions creating and researching weapons of mass destruction instead of all of the other issues that I think matter so much more.
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We should like.. all love each other and like not fight! Peace maaan!
So go and do something to show your LOVE like get that community meeting going including some parants...
I'm just waiting for that e-mail from Ingrid

Japanese people vs Japanese gov't/military complex

As you soul search (because that's the person you are) for the reason it happened think about this, that the civilians of Japan were and are today, no different than any other race or region of the world... They/us are nationalistic, meaning we are better than anyone else... during war many people disagree with WAR in a philosophical way but faced with propaganda that enforces and reinforces that the other side is evil and the present gov't/military complex are protecting them, the good people against the evil side, what you have is an inability to reason that war is bad for all and in fact if you try and sort out the issues you will be accused of treasonable acts... so getting back to Japan, the common people were educated to think and feel superior and that their side was destined to win because of this self-righteous position that allows for no self criticism or reflection, what was left out of this equation was that the LEADERS did not care what happened to the people because of the agenda that people in POWER generally have and that whatever it takes to remain supreme will suffice regardless of the repercusions... (sounds a little like our corporations) the evil empire (the U.S.) who had evil leaders/scientists allowed the bomb to drop... soooo the moral of the story is that if 'the people' ALLOW their leaders/gov't/military complex to do what they claim, from their biased and programed position, is necessary, then what we get what we deserve in a way... like the cold war, Korea, Vietnam, Falklands, African hostilities/revolution, South America hostilities/revolution, Gulf War ONE, Afganistan, Gulf War TWO, Middle East Crisis, Seven Eleven... we will revisit this and similar issues many times over this up-coming year so you have already asked and now read a position that we will debate in class and you will be responsible to share with your colleagues... now for the important stuff... how are ya... now that your part of the neighbourhood, has Kevin ??? told you about the community meeting this Tuesday August 22nd at 6:30 at the ravine, if not, get ahold of him and see what he has planned and get back to me... Mr. J

Re: Japanese people vs Japanese gov't/military complex

"during war many people disagree with WAR in a philosophical way but faced with propaganda that enforces and reinforces that the other side is evil and the present gov't/military complex are protecting them"
sounds a lot like with what "could" be the real reason behind 9/11. When I share the information with my aunts, they had no idea that this "conspiracy theory" even existed. Whenever I think about it, this feeling at pit of my stomach just overwhelms me and makes me so mad.

Everything seems to make more sense after you post your replies :) May I ask you to expand on "Seven Eleven"?

Have you seen the movie V for Vendetta? Even if it looks like a silly movie to you, it's actually quite the political movie and hits on many things we've talked about in class about governments and corporations. I like this quote from the movie "People should not be afraid of their governments, the governments should be afraid of their people."

I've been doing good, thanks! I love living back here, it's so much closer to everything. Also there's a nice little park (that my dog loves), tennis courts/basketball courts that's really close to where I live now.

Kevin actually hasn't told me about that! But during the weekdays I'll be helping my aunt out at the PNE. She got a booth at that marketplace thing and asked me to help her out so I won't be able to attend that meeting :( what's it about?

Re: Japanese people vs Japanese gov't/military complex

It seems to me that active community people have recognized that the Ravine can be a rallying point for the neighbourhood. So this Ingrid Tymm has asked us to get involved not only in the clean-ups that we have been during for many years but now get involved with the planning. So that 'planning' meeting is slated for Tuesday, August 22, at 6:30 - 7:30 at the labyrinth at 27th avenue, which I think is the grassy area with the circle of rocks right beside the Ravine. I suggested to Kevin to e-mail Ms. Tymm at ing@istar.ca to get details, like should the LEADERS of the various grades show and if so should they bring their parents etc. Happy to hear you've settled in a such a nice area. See you in September and keep digging around in stuff... 7-11 stuff will be dealt with this year for sure, but in a historical progression so it makes a little more sense, especially the 'conspiracy' stuff which isn't really a conspiracy but a continuation of a theme that goes all the way back to the beginning of time... power corrupts, and what do you do to keep it...