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jackson51 in leadership_08


Just returned from playing in Santa Rosa, California, in an International Hockey Tournament... Outstanding teams and players. Our club placed second and took home a silver medal, not bad for a bunch of old farts... Global Warming in the U.S. of A. anyone... 110 degree temps and higher, power outs, melt downs, crazy people... glad so much to be home... So thank you Holly and Sharon and Christie for some interaction... anyone else out there care... by the way just finished another book... lovemyself...


Wow. silver.. congratulations!
anywho, Vector belongs to you, and I left the card somewhere on your desk. HAHA!
Thanks for the update...

Oh gosh, and I've been complaining about the heat the past week. I can't even imagine bearing the heat over there!

as for books, well, I've finished reading my Roadsense Drivers Guide haha but will pull it together for the next month for sure.


HEY ! howws it goinggg? .. i read and got up to chp 3 in that stupid roadsense for drivers.. the funny thing is.. i could have had my N by now...oh by the way aren't the scenarios funny.. aha. haha anyways.. good luck on your test =D.. llateer days!


haha yeah I know, some of the scenarios are so straight forward like "uhh...no you don't drink the night you agreed to be a designated driver..."
Roadsense huh... Ironic, now that you live so close to the school...
I know, eh? Although, since they've changed the rules and have added on to the time you have to have your L and your N before you can test, I wouldn't be able to drive by myself until I'm 18 anyway. I still tink transit's more fun though.
Jen Lin from your grade 9 LDP class is doing some really great! She is tackling Global Warming! She's got flyers printed and everything and she is really getting out there with her campaign!

Anyhoo, I've got so much on my shoulders! Whoa, I'm a lightbulb that is burnt out!

OH! Check your e-mail! IT'S SUPER IMPORTANT!
I know about Jenn, she e-mailed me her flyer and I offered to print up more for her to hand out... it only takes one person to get stuff going... good luck at summer school...
I'm gonna call you right now!


HEYY JACKSON!.. ahaha.. "old farts" eh? stop talking about yourself! but congrats on silver.. first the worst, second the best right? hehe. ANYWYAS. have i got news for you... in summerschool (biology).. we were learning about DDT. and global warming and and.. check this out.. RACHEL CARSON. it's as if you were sending some sort of signals to our teachers (she's a nut job.. andrew annie and i will explain later..).. the stuff is actually pretty interesting despite the fact we got stuck with worlds worst teacher.. okay i can't explain it because here but i'll post about it later...

p.s. i got up to like page 50 in "Shock" by robert cooke and its REALLy good!!.. not bad! i'm making progress ;)


proud of you all for doing school in the summer voluntarily... my memories of summer school are not so hot because of course I failed every year and had to go... Glad to hear there are others out there talking about meaningful stuff, and that you already are on top of these important matters...good luck and hang in there, can't wait to hear the stories
oh and another thing, I'd like to swing by the school again! Will you still be there the first week of august?

(smooooooke on waaaterr...fiyah in the sky!)
Could do second week if I'm not at a Hockey Tourney in Salmon Arm???
alrighty, just let me know =) I wouldn't want to be wandering around the halls during summer like the loser I am if you're not in there haha
Will be at school for a short time Friday August 18th, sometime in the morning... if you are interested I could show at a specific time ???
darn. I'll be helping my aunt set up her booth at the PNE tomorrow morning - then right after I'll be heading to first aid. school's coming up really soon, so I'll see you soon anyway :)