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renamemydonkey in leadership_08

The World According to Bush

I remembered that the Passionate Eye was on when I turned on the TV at 10:30 tonight. It's a really, really, really great documentary. Even though I was exhausted from the last two days that were so physically demanding (I've never done so much heavy lifting in my life!) I managed to stay awake and watch it. There are so many things that I've learned from it that make me so furious! Which is why I'm staying up even later to post this (on my computer that's now in my sister and I's room! hehe) Anyway, I'm going to try and see if I can find this documentary and download it onto a disc or something so that we can watch it when we get back to school. The things that Bush and the people around him have done to manipulate and take advantage of everyone is so outrageous (exactly how that guy who was 85 years old in the documentary said!). I don't even know where to begin with the things that have just been revealed to me. I know I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight.

Another thing that bugged me a bit, was that I started watching it in our very "cosy" (which means jam packed haha) living room and my family just had total disregard that I was there watching something that was important to me. I understand if they don't have an interest in it or if they aren't in the mood, but I mean, my mom was turning the TV on and off while I was watching because she was "testing the remote" even after I had asked her to test it during the commercial or to let me do it during the commercial. Even while I was watching it she would say things to me and the first time I calmly said "Could you tell me during the commercial please?" but she did this countless times throughout the program =( Finally I moved into our own room to not be bothered. It just bothers me that there are serious things that are jepordizing our future and there are people who just really don't care. She seemed to act like what I was watching was not important. I don't know, I try and tell her small bits of what I've been learning but she just shrugs and goes "so?" and this makes me really sad that she doesn't care. Although, I'm just really glad that through Leadership we talk about these issues and that we'll be delving in it deeper together in Grade 11.


was able to download this episode off of BitComet - no commericials! will bring it in when we come back =)