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Jun. 19th, 2006


Get a Live Journal!

Jackson said that we should set up a forum/blog type site for us to post info and ecojournals over the summer. He can mark our ecojournals off of here and we can share our findings with each other as well =)

In order to get this to work, everyone would need to set up their own individual account which is FREE and takes so LITTLE TIME to set up! So I'll try and sell this to you guys...

The benefits of LiveJournal include:

Moderated Membership
(We must approve of the user before they can become a member)

Non-Members Cannot Post
(Users have to join this community in order to post in it)

Non-Members Cannot Comment
(User must be a member of this community in order to comment on any post)

Tags and Search Features
(We can tag our entries for their subject matter and search for certain posts easily)

6 Free Userpics
(With your account you can upload up to six userpictures)

Join Other Communities
(You can use LJ to join communities for all kinds of things from photography communities, to your favourite TV shows. This is one of my favourite features because this is where I get all the info for my favourite actors, shows, movies, everything)

Your Own Journal
(Yeah, it's pretty obvious, but it's pretty sweet because you can make your posts public, friends only, or private. The amount of friends you have is unlimited)

Forum Style Comment System
(The comments work as they would in a forum. So if you want to reply to a reply, it all stays together in one string rather than having it all over the place)

"To Do" Lists
(This feature can be used to post up homework and reminders. It works great if you just need to check for dates and things that need to be done)

Those are just a few of the many features that LiveJournal has to offer. You don't even have to use Livejournal to blog your personal things, you can totally still use xanga (i'm not trying to convert you guys or anything). But as for safety reasons and the features that make it easy to search for certain posts and back track to old posts, I think LiveJournal would work wonderfully. No one can "Hack" into the community because it is the users who run it. Therefore the ONLY way someone can get in and post is if they figure out one of the member's account information - which is almost imposible to do so. Another thing I would like to stress is the forum style comment system LiveJournal has. Click on the "Vocabs" link below my post to see an example of what I mean.

Side Note#1:
when you sign up for an account, when you get to the Sixth step where you choose your Account type, check off the Basic Account if you don't want all the annoying ads:
Account Type:
*Paid Account
*Sponsored+Account (Free)

If you've already signed up and want to change the setting, go to "Manage" then "Account Settings" and click back to the Basic/Free Account setting.

Side Note#2:
we should make up the list of "interests" for this community. feel free to comment on this post to add any interests you'd like to see on our community's profile page. it can be anything from watching movies to bikeriding!

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