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jackson51 in leadership_08


Just returned from playing in Santa Rosa, California, in an International Hockey Tournament... Outstanding teams and players. Our club placed second and took home a silver medal, not bad for a bunch of old farts... Global Warming in the U.S. of A. anyone... 110 degree temps and higher, power outs, melt downs, crazy people... glad so much to be home... So thank you Holly and Sharon and Christie for some interaction... anyone else out there care... by the way just finished another book... lovemyself...


Jen Lin from your grade 9 LDP class is doing some really great! She is tackling Global Warming! She's got flyers printed and everything and she is really getting out there with her campaign!

Anyhoo, I've got so much on my shoulders! Whoa, I'm a lightbulb that is burnt out!

OH! Check your e-mail! IT'S SUPER IMPORTANT!
I know about Jenn, she e-mailed me her flyer and I offered to print up more for her to hand out... it only takes one person to get stuff going... good luck at summer school...