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jackson51 in leadership_08


Jackson here, a couple of things need to be said... like who are you that are writing in to this site??? anounce yourself so I know who you are... Also to whom it may concern... what's wrong with a book club ???


How to see who is who

I've compiled a list of people's usernames and who they are on the community's profile page. There are two ways you can go there:
1. Click on the image beside the words "leadership_08"

2. Click on "The Lovemyselves" in the column on the right side of the community's page
(when you're at http://community.livejournal.com/leadership_08)

I'll also post and ask for everyone to sign their names at the end of their posts so that we it will be easier for people to see who is who. After a while though, we'll end up remembering who's who =)

haha I'm sure book clubs are fun, I've never been in one though.